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Art World Tarot Edition II by Mieke Marple
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Full tarot deck by Mieke Marple produced in collaboration with Minnesota Street Project Editions

Edition of 250, numbered
5 x 7 inches
78-card deck, trifold insert identifies Major and Minor Arcana

A subject of artist interpretation and popular fancy since its birth in Renaissance-era Europe, tarot has always beguiled with veiled meaning and transcendental appeal. In the hands of Mieke Marple—artist and cofounder of Night Gallery in Los Angeles—tarot card archetypes have been reinterpreted as playful takes on real people in the artist’s life and other figures who have been important to her. Marple says of the second edition, “it mirrors my current musings, trepidations, and desires—particularly around the “Tower” of Trump and the potential of technology to improve the art world.”

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