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Jocko Weyland (Elk)

In collaboration with Reneé French (Sweatingtears)

20 Pages, Full Color, Newsprint, 12 x 21 in. Edition of 250

Published by SFAQ[Projects] and released at the 2015 Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair

Blood dripping from pale lips, an expertly knotted noose, outstretched finger pulling white panties aside, classic boom boxes, cheap high heels and an amazing ass playing a Harley-Davidson pinball machine with her g-string pulled down for the viewer, fencing masks, cum strands from the tip of a cock to upside down mouth, 17th century muskets and jeweled swords, gold-plated skeletons, purple flowers at night, a cut fingertip, the Coronado Hotel in 1888, and a Lucio Fontana slashed canvas. Sweatingtears is all that and more, mixed, comingled, superbly intertwined. Courtesy of the Internet sex images have become as regular as anything else, about as arousing as photographs of chairs and sofas in a furniture catalog. The normalization of depictions of hallowed and primal acts has led to diminishment of erotic imagery, and how it can profoundly affect the senses. There’s a lot of worthless garbage out there but despite an overwhelming overabundance and a total lack of standards there still is the very good, if you look hard enough. Sweatingtears rejects the banality, seeking out the truly risqué, racy, and thrillingly indecent – the pinnacle of what might be termed pornographic and the definition of sensual. Judgment and refinement, separating the wheat from the chaff, the selections are superlative, rooting out pictorial passports to desire. Titillating, rare, mysterious, carnal, whetting both aesthetic and mental appetites. Personally chosen, with feeling and a viewpoint, a taste, sweatingtears is an exemplar of discernment and connoisseurship. Pink wigs, green fatigue-wearing woman warriors with AK-47s, hooded blowjobs, drooping orchids, tied-up legs, reflected in the mirror the brunette with the camera holds fast the man’s head to the sacred triangle, bruised ass cheeks, gorgeous and sometimes restrained breasts, sucking, fucking, pleasurable, raw, and even elegant. Otherworldly beautiful and colorful jellyfish, and in the kitchen, one with dark brown hair over her face, impossibly long-legged, smoking a cigarette while wearing running shoes and nothing else. Replete with a thoughtful old-fashioned layout and design on tactilely pleasing newsprint so you can hold it in your hands. Fevered, idiosyncratic, acutely aphrodisiac, stimulating, and straightforwardly hot. What turns sweatingtears on turns Elk on and Elk made sweatingelktears to celebrate and do justice to the artistic, intellectual, and intensely sexual brilliance of sweatingtears.

Image of Sweatingelktears Image of Sweatingelktears